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A New Style of Leadership for

Michigan's Spectacular 107th District

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“The issues may change, but the principles don’t. These three things - Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness - have been a mission statement for our country from the beginning. They are as important today as they were nearly 250 years ago.”       

                                         - John N. Damoose

  • 100% Pro-Life
  • Respect for Michigan’s Aging Population
  • Protect the 2nd Amendment
  • Defend Michigan as a "Right to Work" State
  • Find Better Solutions for Future Crises
Pursuit of Happiness:​
  • Rebuild Our Economy
  • Support Small Business
  • Support Common Sense Conservation
  • Rebuild Our Infrastructure
  • Develop Our Future Workforce​
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Meet the Candidate

First and foremost, I am a husband and father of four incredible children ranging from kindergarten through graduate school. Anyone who knows us knows that faith and family guide everything we do. Thinking about their future keeps me up at night, and time spent together animates my days. Together, we have been on an interesting journey for more than 25 years....    Click Here to Read the Story

What I Believe

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For some reason, it seems like a lot of people who are elected to office immediately forget how to talk like a real person. There is a sense that behind every carefully chosen word is some hidden meaning.  My commitment to you is this: I'll always try to just say it - hopefully with a spirit of grace and humility - but you'll never have to guess where I stand. And even more, something else that seems completely missing in today's political world - I'll admit when I'm wrong, too. Nobody knows everything, so while there are certain ideas and principles that never change, I will look for wisdom from people who have different skill sets, and perhaps together we can make some good decisions for our district and our state.

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Get the latest updates
from the campaign trail