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John N. Damoose

A lifelong Republican, John's views have solidified over the years from his early days as a "culture warrior" and President of the College Republicans at the University of Michigan. 
Upon graduating from Michigan with a degree in Political Science in 1994, John secured a job at the Christian Broadcasting Network in Virginia Beach, Virginia. While there, he learned his craft working on the 700 Club television program, and ultimately wrote and produced a 2 hour documentary on the story of America called "Victory in Spite of All Terror," featuring such national leaders as Jay Sekulow, Judge Robert Bork, Chuck Colson and dozens of others, which marked the beginning of a career that would involve interviewing thousands of leaders from all walks of life and telling the story of the American character to millions of people through television and online video.
In 1997, after returning with his wife and newborn daughter back to Michigan - and vowing never to move away from this great state again - John co-authored a book with Dr. Bill Bright, then Founder and President of Campus Crusade for Christ. The book explored the founding principles of the United States, and was ultimately hand-delivered to every member of the United States Congress. Then House Majority Leader Tom Delay once claimed the book, entitled "Red Sky in the Morning," was one of two he kept on his desk at all times.
After working with his family to launch several non-profit organizations and rekindle the venerated Religious Heritage of America Foundation, John and his father started 45 North Productions in the year 2000, with the expressed purpose of telling the stories of character, sacrifice and dedication that made America a great nation. In the course of the next twenty years, this pursuit would lead John to co-author and produce nine national television specials on all-American themes like Arlington National Cemetery, the Medal of Honor, Military Families, NASA, and many others.  John and his father were contracted by the Department of Defense to produce the official documentary celebrating the opening of the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial, both of them having been in the very corridor of the Pentagon when the plane struck 7 years earlier.
Throughout the years, 45 North Productions has produced dozens of high profile tribute videos for leaders from all walks of life, and interviewed hundreds of the nation's top political, military and corporate leaders. From each of them - including two Presidents, numerous Secretaries of Defense and Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs, and dozens of U.S. Senators and Representatives, he learned lessons about leadership, government, and solid conservative principles that he now hopes to apply to the State Legislature in Michigan.
He wrote, directed and produced the three-part New American Road Series, commissioned by Ford Motor Company to tell the powerful story of what many believe is the quintessential American industry. For nearly 25 years, John has worked closely as an associate with the organization that runs the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC - attended yearly by every President since Eisenhower. And in recent years, John has served as the Executive Director of Building America's Tomorrow - an organization funded by General Motors that launched a series of initiatives dedicated to rebuilding America's manufacturing workforce and encouraging Career and Technical Education programs.
John and his wife Margo, current Director of the Harbor Springs DDA and Member of the Harbor Springs School Board, are long time residents of Harbor Springs, Michigan with their 4 children and travel frequently throughout Michigan's Upper Peninsula. They are committed Christian believers whose top priorities in this life are to pour themselves into raising their children and help restore American society and the solid principles upon which we were founded.
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