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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

This is 100% what drives me.

This year, I am so excited to be celebrating our 25th Anniversary with my wife, Margo. Together, we are raising four children who literally gave our lives meaning from the day they were born. This is the why for everything we do.

Our Family

Margo Damoose - My wife, Margo, is the current Director of the Downtown Development Authority in Harbor Springs, a Member of the Harbor Springs School Board, and someone who has for 25 years put everyone else before herself - patiently weathering financial uncertainties, encouraging my unconventional business pursuits, and holding our kids' hands through school work, lessons, practices and everything else. Margo has a deep humility and an unshakable faith with an uncanny ability to overlook my weaknesses and at times mercurial personality.

Reagan Damoose (22) - Reagan is a brilliant student who graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Mathematical and Computational Science in 2019, and is currently completing her Masters in Public Policy, with a focus on International Security Affairs at Stanford. She's a National Champion Rower and is just plain fun to be around - cut from a totally unique cloth with a way of thinking that constantly amazes me.

Lydia Damoose (20) - Lydia has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met. She literally brightens every room she enters - something I've been told by countless others and enjoyed for myself since she was born. Another total "brainiac," she is driven by her faith in everything she does. Currently, she's a junior at the University of Notre Dame, a proud member of their Marching Band, and headed for a future where she will no doubt impact many people through teaching and other pursuits.

John "Jeep" Damoose (18) - I stand in awe of our son, who goes by the name "Jeep." He is so much more than I was at his age, with a quiet strength and deep intelligence, tempered by real humility. It's a magic combination that draws people to him, and has led to real success throughout his high school career. If it were Jeep running for State Representative instead of me, he'd win in an instant. But instead, he's choosing between an impressive list of colleges and will leave our home far too quiet when he heads off to school this fall.

Henry Damoose (5) - Everybody in town knows Henry. He's got the world by the tail, and his parents wrapped around his fingers. Henry is one of the great unexpected joys of our lives, and the sweetest little kid I could hope for.

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